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The largest Italian dentistry group, controlled by the BC Partners investment firm, keeps growing and takes control over the business of Vitaldent Italia and his 80 dental centers in our country. With its 260 Centers in 14 regions, its 2000 employees and its 1500 dentists and dental technicians, DentalPro has now become the seventh private health-care group in Italy.

Mila, 3rd February 2021 – DentalPro, one of the Italian leaders in private dentistry field, today announced they have entered into an agreement aimed to integration with the Vitaldent Italia agreement and its 80 dental centers, that belong to JB Capital. With this agreement the group, founded in Milan by the businessman Michal Cohen and the two dentists Samuele Baruch and Paolo Tonveronachi, rises through the ranks of the Italian health-care field, reaches the seventh place, and confirms itself as the best group in the dental care sector.
The union of DentalPro and Vitaldent Italia, both very experienced, will result in the creation of an individual big group under the lead of DentalPro, which shall include over 260 dental centers with a widespread presence in 14 regions, both in shopping malls and in the main cities of Italy.

The new DentalPro will be able to count on the contribute of 2000 employees and over 1500 odontologists and hygienists; at the same time, it is going to continue its growth path thanks to its 10 new openings in 2021.
DentalPro, born in 2010, grew quickly thanks to both the openings of new dental centers and to many acquisitions, which helped it to consolidate its leadership until the group arrived to the huge achievement of 180 centers, 1500 employees, 1000 odontologists and hygienists and, last but not least, 1 million patients managed, achieving in 2019 record sales for an amount of 181 million euros.
Currently, DentalPro is controlled by the private equity fund BC Partners, which holds an 85 percent stake in the project, and by some original incorporators.
Vitaldent Group, born in Spain in 1991, was one of the pioneers of the European dentistry.
The Spanish Group, which arrived in Italy in 2005, in these years has opened a lot of dental centers and nowadays has 80 buildings under its direct management. In 15 years Vitaldent took care of 600-thousand patients thanks to its 450 employees, 468 odontologists and 60 hygienists, reaching a 46,9-million-euro turnover in 2019. Vitaldent was acquired in 2016 by JB Capital, in 2019 was sold to Spanish activities, and finally to the Italian group DentalPro.

“Finally, an Italian Group strengthens in the marketplace instead of falling prey to international operators”, observes Michel Cohen, the current DentalPro’s CEO.

“DentalPro and Vitaldent both have a huge experience in odontology and stand out for common commitment in making dental care accessible, offering standard high-quality services and every treatment in just one modern and well-equipped building. With this acquisition, which was achievable thanks to the intake of further capital by our major stockholder BC Partners and other shareholders, we want to use these two groups’ best clinical-strategical skills to relaunch Vitaldent centers under the label of DentalPro, bringing them a bright future thanks to the firmness of our group which, despite the breakdown due to the pandemic, is healthy and with huge potential.
This union – continues Mr. Cohen – shows that, both for us an BC Partners, this sector has a huge potential in Italy and we believe it will have a beneficial effect on the consolidation of the dental market, since it represents the opportunity for a future professional development of our employees and partners”. “We are pleased that Vitaldent join the major Italian dental group e we are confident the two groups’ twenty-year experience will bring massive benefits to patients in the first place, and to collaborators and odontologists as well”, says Rafael Garabito, JB Capital managing director.

Our new group is still going to be guided by Michel Cohen as the CEO, alongside with the current highly experienced management team.
Now, this operation is in the hands of authorities and should be finalized at the end of March. Then, during 2021, is also going to be completed the integration of business processes, as well as the personnel safety from Covid-19.
The Vitaldent Italia’s acquisition was financed by DentalPro group’s current partners, thanks to the intake of further capital, according to the respective allocated shares.

The following advisors were involved: PwC for financial aspects, White & Case for legal ones, Facchini Rossi Michelutti for financial consultancies. Vitaldent Italia was advised by Cleon Capital and JB Capital for financial aspects, Iuscounsel law firm for legal matters, Studio Mastrangelo for fiscal issues.

The group DentalPro shall communicate that, regarding the operation, every legal notification was made, both with reference to the exercises of special powers by our country (known as “Golden Power”) and with reference to the Antitrust law.
DentalPro Group: founded in 2010 by the highly- experienced businessman Michal Cohen and the two dentists Samuele Baruch and Paolo Tonveronachi, DentalPro (DP Group SpA) Is currently controlled by the BC Partners privacy equity fund and by long-standing and original members: its HQ are in Milan. This group manages more than 180 dental centers with 1500 employees and around 1000 odontologists and hygienists; they achieved a 181-million-euro turnover in 2019.
This group is present in the major Italian shopping malls and in the main cities, it offers different treatments, from general dentistry to implantology, in modern and warm areas.
DentalPro has set the goal of providing a personalized service, thanks to expert dentists and modern technological equipment, with the aim of satisfying in a single building any requirement of their patients.
Vitaldent Italia: Vitaldent is an Italian company specializing in general and pediatric dentistry, implantology and denture, orthodontics, and dental esthetics; this company has the aim of making accessible to everyone the most state-of-art dentistry treatments in just one building.
This is one of Vitaldent’s greatest strengths, along with its professionals, with the geographic widespread of its centers, with the network of laboratories to support dental centers and choosing the best dental-material suppliers.
Vitaldent has been present in the Italian territory since 2005 and manages 80 dental centers, has 400 staff members, 50 employees in its HQ, 468 partner odontologists and 60 hygienists.
BC Partners is one of the main investment firms with over 40 billion euro of assets under management of private equity, private credit, and real estate sectors. Founded in 1986, BC Partner is one of the main European private equity companies, with an over-30-year leadership in North America, where it has been operating successfully for 10 years. BC Partners boasts managers who work European and American locations. From its birth, BC Partners Private Equity has been completing 119 investments with a 150-billion-euro enterprise value and is currently investing its eleventh private equity fund.

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